17 May 2012: Fly the Flag with Union Jack Tights

With the Queen’s Jubilee in a couple of weeks and the Olympics and Paralympics not long after, it’s never been so easy to be proud of being British. Show your patriotism with Union Jack Tights


How to wear them? Here are some tips from the fashion world:

Elle MacPherson opted for a rock-chic look with her ripped jeans that showed flashes of red, white and blue in all the right places. (We know Elle is an Aussie but she’s been spotted showing her love for the UK in the form of Union Jack print tights, nice!)


Vivienne Westwood has also shown her love for the UK by offering her own design by translating the Union Jack into a wealth of neon colours for her London catwalk shows this year.

How about you? Would you show your patriotism by wearing an union jack tights in the name of fashion and how do you wear it? Please share!

Let's celebrate and show some love to our Queen on her Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics 2012!! It should be a good year for the UK ^ ^

Love & Peace to all my UK friends and to everyone in every corner in the world!!

Hugs & Kisses XX