25 Ways of Wearing your Scarf

I have recently come across this cool video showing how to wear a scarf in 25 ways and am so excited to share this with you all!! It is so COOL that wearing the same piece with so many styles! This video makes it very fun too! It however requires a fairly big piece of scarf (or some call it muffler) and preferably with lovely prints on it so you can play around your scarves more effectively and of course more fun!!

In Luphia Online Boutique, we have a few choices of big scarves with beautifully prints that you might be interested, shop now ^_^

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1) FLOWER PRINTS CHIFFON SCARF (measrued 184cm x 107cm) ~ available in 3 colours


2) SOFT DOTS COTTON SCARF (measured 180cm x 106cm) ~ available in 3 colours


3) LEOPARD SPOTS LEISURE SCARF (measrued 168cm x 111cm) ~ available in 2 colours


4) PURE SILK LEOPARD PRINT SCARF (measured 180cm x 64cm) ~ available in 2 colours

Ok, let's get started the video tutorial, shall we?!

Enjoy and have fun with scarves :)

MeeKee XX

See video