9 December 2011: Southbank Christmas Market

I promised I would give you the lowdown on Christmas London via my visit to the South Bank Christmas Market, so here it is guys, and what a wonderful, wintry day it was. I took myself off there last Saturday (3 December). I was on my own this time (hubby and I having already visited two weeks earlier) and I was happy to have my own sweet time to enjoy the walk. I arrived at Waterloo at 3pm, greeted by a sunny, bright, crisp day, all beautiful sky blue and white cloud. I find London so inspirational and took a few photos for you of the glorious London Eye before approaching the Christmas market itself.

And even before I reached the market the atmosphere was just so Christmassy, the beautiful festive food fragrances of  orange and cinnamon and various other sweet treats floating on the air. The childish joy just increased when I then I met some old friends here, including my favourites Mickey and Minnie Mouse!


But I was being led by the nose and moved on to track down those festive flavours of orange and cinnamon and tracked them down in the shape of these gorgeous yuletide decorations....warm and cosy… made me think of mulled wine.


A much more colourful experience, but no less seasonal, came in the form of this lovely Pick ‘n’ Mix stall full of colourful candies! Luckily for my waistline, I am not a candy person, but this was visually lovely at least!


The market was very busy, but there were so many happy faces and great for people-watching :)


Ok, now let me bring you to a few stalls that I loved...


Top left: A lot of lovely little Christmas decorative ideas; Bottom left: why not bring a little cute house home?; Top right: gorgeous handmade teapots and mugs from Hungary; Bottom right: artistically printed Jerusalem plates and bowls


Nope, they’re not cupcakes: all very cute and adorable cake soaps!


I really loved this store. All the leather goods there were unique and so pretty. Part of the charm was that these lines weren’t perfectly finished, the owner wasn’t even certain which kind of leather some of them were, although many were camel skin she said! The imperfect finishes and the unique prints gave them that extra something. So cool.


Another adorable store...these guys use real flowers and 925’ silver to create a huge amount of different designs for make pendants, necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings, photo frames...you name it! My equally adorable hubby got me a necklace with a rose pendant when we visited (' '*)


Ok. A break from the shopping: let’s go for food and drinks!

Fancy a pint? Get your beer and wine here and of course that all-important mulled wine! Pay an extra £1, you can get the mulled wine mug printed with London landmarks: too cute!


And who could resist these crepe and hot drinks stalls? Not me...


Chimney cake...worth a try I thought! It looks good, smells good and tastes great. No doubt, cinnamon flavour was the best seller!


For those wishing to spread their wings a little wider (!) these ostrich burgers ~ lean, low calorie and super-tasty. £4.50 each but available uncooked for £1.50 each or eight for £10 (we bought it the last time we visited... yum yum)


Maybe no one does traditional Christmas better than the Germans, so how about these classic German hotdogs?!

Bratwurst (self help with ketchup and mustard) was my choice... yummy!!!


OK… after the bratwurst, time to go meet hubby for a proper dinner. It was getting crowded and colder but the night scene at Southbank was so breathtaking. Roll on Christmas!


On the way back to Waterloo station, I met my favourite friend Mickey Mouse again who was waving to me…hahaha!! Happy me!


Maybe some of you guys were at Southbank, or one of the other wonderful markets taking place right now all across London, UK, Europe, the world as the countdown to Christmas really begins. Do share your thoughts and tips, pictures and purchases with us at Luphia!

The Southbank market runs until 24 Dec 2011. If you get a chance, check it out while there’s still time!

So long for now and check this space again next week!!

See you all soon, MeeKee xxx