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25 Ways to Wear a Scarf ~ A Proper How To

Hello lovelies,

Remember I posted a blog showing you a cool video sometime ago about 25 ways to wear a scarf (created by Vblogger Wendy)? However you probably found it was too fast with 25 ways in one video. So Wendy has created a few more companion videos to show you how to do each style! Isn't that cool?

Let's get chic and have fun together!!

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Super Slippers!

Slippers!? When I first heard of slippers, I thought of the concept of wearing your PJs (see blog on PJ) out in the most fashionable manner. Slippers are often regarded as footwear people wear when relaxing at home. A pair of comfy slippers after a long, tiring day… The life!

However, designers have conjured up The Slippers (I call them ‘super slippers’) that every woman and man can comfortably wear out in every occasion. Take out the gorgeous, detailed embroidered suede; the sparkly, shimmering glitter; the sharp-edged studded leather. Any type of slippers is welcomed.

The Good and The Better

Why are these slippers popular?

1) Gives an aura of luxury

2) Comfortable, comfortable and more comfortable!

3) Reliable slip-ons. Quick without a fuss

4) Suede and velvet sends vibes of loveliness and opulence whilst studded leather shows the much needed edgy style

5) Describes ones’ personality

6) Easily match to anyone’s wardrobe

My personal favourites are Miu Miu’s embroidered velvet-covered leather loafers and Lanvin’s bow-embellised patent-leather loafers. What do you think?

Comment below on what you think about The Slippers of this season!

Love you all and have a great weekend!!

MeeKee XX

Party it up, Prints!

I must admit when all these unique prints started hitting fashion stores, I was seriously surprised! Why, you may ask? Look at Zara and H&M, they’ve been providing us with the minimalism concept since forever. However, I still stand by the fact that unique prints must be mixed and matched appropriately with such basics. As summer is hitting up, lists of parties are getting a little out of hand, might as well party it up with some fun prints!

One of the classical prints that I absolutely adore is the Baroque print. Renaissance has always reminded me of Queen Elizabeth I of England – one of the most admirable women of the century. Her dresses were made from the outmost fashionable perfectionists of the time. Besides, there are many unforgettable artists from the Renaissance such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci have inspired many various prints for most Baroque prints in our time.

For dedicated K-pop fans like myself, when I first saw 4Minute’s Volume Up MV (watch the video at the bottom of this post):

I was more attracted to their outfits instead of the song itself. They were ah-ma-zing! All of their Baroque outfit (as above) could be worn in a daily basis or to formal events once you add some minimalistic jewelry to pump the outfit up.

On the other hand, there is the one and only Emma Watson. Emma is always seen wearing the latest trends (or otherwise, setting the trend). In this year’s MTV Awards, we saw her wearing a cute dress with neutral colours. Her choice of a dark neutral-coloured dress paired up with simplistic, traditional stilettos and similar concept bangles emphasized the dress’ unique T-back. The only detail I did not like was the cutting around the neck and the leather stripes, though I do think it might only be a poor photo.

At Luphia, you can find cute mini dresses/tunics, blouses/top and scarves with lovely prints too. Here are some of them:

Flower Sunshine Dress

Apple Prints Tunic

Vintage Inspired Flower Tea Dress

Little Flowers Chiffon Blouse

Rose Waves One Shoulder Top

Anyway, some handy tips when wearing unique prints such as Luphia Boutique’s prints are:

1) Print patterns can be clashed however, you should always opt for colours that go together such as navy and red, cream and beige etc.

2) Consider your figure and height whenever choosing prints. Avoid choosing prints that places emphasis on your ‘bad parts’. If you are tall, you can always opt for a fantastic printed maxi dress. If you are short, a good option is a cute print bandeau-like top with a plain colour skirt or shorts.

3) Do not over accessorize. A great print does not need a heavy necklace or a ‘bejeweled’ person.

4) Always pair it up with a simple pair of shoes. The most recent trend is to wear slippers. Slippers are nice, comfortable and simple to go with anything you wear. (Watch out for the next blog!)

5) With your make-up, if you’re up for an occasion, go for the smoky eyes or a bold lipstick colour. My personal favourite is M.A.C.’s Lady Danger, a vivid bright coral-red matte which suits any event!

Well, if you are not quite sure if you want to carry the prints all day, then how about spice up your basic with lovely prints scarves whenever you feel like "needing" some prints. We have some unique and lovely prints scarves that is hardly found in the high street: vintage postcard prints, ever loved dots, coloured leopard spots.

Do you have any special prints you would like to share with us?

Love & hugs XX

MeeKee Kokoroni



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17 May 2012: Fly the Flag with Union Jack Tights

With the Queen’s Jubilee in a couple of weeks and the Olympics and Paralympics not long after, it’s never been so easy to be proud of being British. Show your patriotism with Union Jack Tights


How to wear them? Here are some tips from the fashion world:

Elle MacPherson opted for a rock-chic look with her ripped jeans that showed flashes of red, white and blue in all the right places. (We know Elle is an Aussie but she’s been spotted showing her love for the UK in the form of Union Jack print tights, nice!)


Vivienne Westwood has also shown her love for the UK by offering her own design by translating the Union Jack into a wealth of neon colours for her London catwalk shows this year.

How about you? Would you show your patriotism by wearing an union jack tights in the name of fashion and how do you wear it? Please share!

Let's celebrate and show some love to our Queen on her Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics 2012!! It should be a good year for the UK ^ ^

Love & Peace to all my UK friends and to everyone in every corner in the world!!

Hugs & Kisses XX


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