12 June 2012: Soaked Up the Jubilee Atmosphere!

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration in London has been over a week now. I went out with a friend on 3rd June (Monday) to feel and to soak ourselves into the happy and jubilee atmosphere! It was very fascinating to see how both British and all other nations celebrated in this memorable occasion. The weather was not good though throughout the 4 days (long weekend) celebration. However it didn't stop the people from going out and be part of it. On that Monday it was considered much better than the day before although it was a few interval dazzling rain. Anyway lucky me was able to snap a few nice photos, with a lovely rainbow too ^ ^   enjoy :) 


1) Commonwealth Contries' Flag with Big Ben and London Eye at the back


2) Commonwealth Flags


3) Spotted a girl dancing with the Queen's face mask by waiving the Union Jack flag (oh! she carried an Union Jack tote bag too) [FYI - beautiful classical music was played in the background from the street speakers]


4) How people took on the Union Jack ~ creative and sweet ^O^


5) Union Jack balloons in the air... and the flying Union Jack flag at the top of the Parliament builing!


6) People are walking towards Buckingham Palace to join the Big Concert of the day!


7) Lovely rainbow spotted at Piccadilly Circus!


And... last but not least, I would like to share with you the theme song of this Diamond Jubilee "Sing", composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Gary Barlow. This song was performed by the Military Wives with Gareth Malone and musicians from across the Commonwealth including the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Band, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Slum Drummers from Kenya's Kibera slum, African Children's Choir and many more. More info click here. Nice job G Barlow & A Webber. I really love the song and hope you enjoy it too!!

Oh please do share your experience and photos if you happened to be there too or in any events during the Jubilee celebration, in any commonwealth countries!!


Love & Kisses,

MeeKee Kokoroni XX


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23 May 2012: Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee!

Lask week, we talked about celebrating the Queen's Jubilee and Olympics by flying the flag with Union Jack tights. Today we are going to focus on the Queen! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrates 60 years of the Queen’s reign. The Jubilee Celebrations will be held across the UK during the first week of June in 2012! Many people have a day off work or school to celebrate the bank holiday on 5th June 5 2012. Are you ready to participate and celebrate with the Royal Family? Here are some of the planned events for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee:

Saturday 2nd June, 2012 The Queen will attend the Epsom Derby.

Sunday 3rd June, 2012 The Big Jubilee Lunch: Building on the already popular Big Lunch initiative, people will be encouraged to share lunch with neighbours and friends as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. This may take the form of a traditional street party or a picnic lunch in small or larger groups. This event is being organised by the Big Lunch. The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant: This event will take place on the Thames and consist of up to 1,000 boats assembled from across the UK, the Commonwealth and around the world. The Queen will travel in the Royal Barge which will lead the flotilla. This event is being organised by the Thames Diamond Jubilee Foundation.

Monday 4th June, 2012 BBC Concert at Buckingham Palace: There will be a televised Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace with tickets being available to UK residents by public ballot. The musical programme for the concert is still being planned and is expected to feature British and Commonwealth musicians. Details on how to apply for the concert will be available in due course. This event is being organised by the BBC.

Tuesday 5th June, 2012 Service of Thanksgiving and Carriage Procession: There will be a Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral and a formal carriage Procession by The Queen.

If you are travelling from far and would like to find a place to stay in London to join the events, this is the hotel I would recommend ~ Apex Hotel. There are total of 8 Apex Hotels in London for your choice. My husband and I had stayed in Apex City of London numerous time and we loved it! Don't just take our words but check out Trip Advisors for yourself. Apex Hotel is giving Queen's Jubilee Offer at the moment so don't miss out! They also offer different vouchers to make your stay more pleasant and give your wallet a little treat!

National Trust is celebrating the Jubilee too! There are many commemorative items for the Jubilee offered from National Trust such as this fine bone china tankard made in England and the Cotton Tea Towel. I have bought two sets of the fine bone china tankard. It is very beautiful and memorable to keep.

Oh well... I am very excited and looking forward to all the celebrations of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee throughout the UK and accross the Commonwealth. 60 years is a long and respected journey, well done the Queen and may God bless her. I will defintely go to join one of the events, how about you? If you see me there in any of the events, say Hi :)

Ok guys... that's it for today and I shall see you soon :)

Hugs and kisses,

MeeKee XX

Love is in the air... Some thoughts for Valentine’s Day

Well fashion friends, life should be a celebration and the celebrations have not stopped since December. Phewee! Last Monday marked the start of Chinese New Year and in just three weeks time… it’s Valentine’s Day!

St Valentine’s Day is of course a day of expressing true love and affection between sweethearts. But over the years, it has become so commercialised; for many love and affection are judged from the value of the gift...and in turn, the value of the gift therefore represents the value in your lover’s heart. Oh dear… this is crazy, right? Maybe, but there are still many people falling (or willing to fall) into this trap. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against lovers buying gifts for their special someone – in fact I am going to recommend something for you – but remember, the value of the gift DOES NOT equal the amount of love that a lover feels! There’s a lot more to be found in something that takes some effort to make it more memorable (and make sure you spend your money wisely of course).

OK! Here goes, guys: Make some effort...

1) Get Personal! Start by thinking of all the things that are special and unique in your relationship and make use of this. Think of some meaningful gestures and make the whole experience as personal and natural as possible to make your sweetheart feel special.

2) Planning Is Everything! The personal touch takes a little time to prepare. Don’t only think about it the night before and end up spending more and become a victim of the glut of schmaltzy marketing.

3) Do Your Detective Work! A little subterfuge goes a long way. You need to make sure what your buying is something they’ll love...so if you’re not sure, drop some hints, point things out online and generally gauge their reaction.

Romance is... Spending wisely and sensibly

1) Don’t leave it to the last minute! What you think looks spontaneous and generous, stands to look thoughtless and it will definitely cost you more!

2) Stay away from the cliché! Please don’t only do the things that most people would do (candlelit dinners, flowers, and definitely give anything retailers only sell for Valentine’s a massive swerve). Again, these things come at a cost: it’s a demand and supply thing, as we all notice when prices drop enormously as soon as the day is over.

3) Buy something useful, memorable (preferably both) whose price doesn’t fluctuate! There’s little worse than buying and then watching its price slashed by half.

4) Do It Yourself! Buying a card is simple, but if possible, DIY your card. That’s sweet and it costs hardly anything. You don’t need to do a proper card like one from the shop, get creative! Personalise it and go for it: maybe print something on a hard cardboard, cut it to bookmark size, hole-punch it and it is good to go! He or she will keep this bookmark a whole lot longer than anything bought from the shop!!!

Some gifts recommendations just for you:

1)      For anyone who loves gadgets!!  Gadget covers and skins from GelaSkins – I have recommended this before and I must recommend them again! GelaSkins works with many designers and come out with lots of beautiful and breathtaking designs for your gadgets, devices, phones, iPads, laptops and others almost 100s of devices. Apart from the designers’ graphics, you can also personalise these by uploading your own photos and designs. It is all very cool and user-friendly. Go check ‘em out! Here are some of their best sellers:Personalize your iPhone with removable protection from GelaSkins. Choose images from 100's of great artists or upload your own designs!



Personalize your Laptop with removable protection from GelaSkins. Choose images from 100's of great artists or upload your own designs! Here are some of the cool desgins!

2)      For anyone into sports!! Especially running and tennis!! Keller has a very wide selection and fantastically, they also offer a Best Price Guarantee, which means if you find the same product at a lower price, you are credited the difference (terms and conditions apply of course, and please note they only deliver within Europe). Go discover their So go and check their website out www.keller-sports.com and see if anythig cataches your eyes!

3)      For Watches & Jewellery Lovers!! I love watches and just cannot resist stopping by any watch shops every time I see one. Well this is more on the pricey side kind of gift but it does has it value though. Diesel offers quite a cool and sporty range for men, women and in unisex styles. This is the one I particularly love ~ classy, clean & bright design. For jewellery, check out Karma Jewellery! They offer a 30 day guarantee for returns and/or exchanges and deliver worldwide. They have wide selection and individual designs that’ll adorn her wardrobe. If you like something then better be quick as they are on SALES now and also offering 10% off (on top of the SALES price!) with discount code KARMA11 at the checkout [Until end of this month only]!

4)      For beauty stuff lovers!! How about some beauty treats? If you want to look for all the beauty stuff under one "roof", I would like to recommend COSME-DE.COM. COSME-DE is an online retailer site for China and worldwide for skincare and cosmetics products by the Cosme De Net Group which was established by a Japanese entrepreneur. You may be skeptical about "Chinese stuff" but this website is genuine. They have now had their flagship office in Hong Kong, and has offices in Paris, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, allowing it to directly purchase skincare and cosmetics products around the world. What's more, they offer FREE worldwide shipping (regardless the size of the order) which is great!! FYI - They source from original manufacturers but it may have different packaging in different countries (from the manufacturers). So that means you may not get exactly the same packaging design like what you normally get from your own country but the ingredients should be all the same. The best part of this website is that you can browse and look for many well known branded products from different countries from just one website. You will love it if you are a beauty stuff lover :)

OK... oh, final tip… a gift certificate or gift vouchers is the most insincere gift ever = =|

So what are your plans for February 14th? For me, it’s another great reason to plan something special to do with my other half. Many dislike Valentine's Day, claiming love should be shown every day, and I agree that we should not neglect a display of affection on the other 364 days of the year. However, just like birthday is a special time to celebrate another year of life, so Valentine's Day is not just a day to express our love, but to celebrate it in a special way. Quality time is getting hardly found in this busy world nowadays, so it is good to have an excuse to have a carefree day and celebrate love xx

Love and happiness,

MeeKee Kokoroni xxx

21 Jan 2012: A Prosperous Dragon Year 2012!

Wow! Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year 2012… all this fun and frivolity has just happened (and the Boxing days Sales seems longer than ever this year ;) and now guess what, Chinese New Year this year falls on the coming Monday 23/1 - the year of the Dragon!!!

It is also will be Korean New Year (Seollal) and Vietnamese New Year (Tet). Although the Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese have very distinct cultures, we do share a lot of customs when it comes to celebrating the lunar New Year.  To start with, we clean our houses, brush off the dust and clear out our old stuff to welcome the first day of the New Year. It really is the most special time of the year where we celebrate the joy and comfort of returning home to reunite with our families, spending time with our relatives and honouring our ancestors.
And a really important part of proceedings, is making and enjoying all the delicious food. Food is one of the centres of the celebration, and every family cooks all its special New Year meals and delicacies as we celebrate the joy, love and comfort of returning home.  I will be in London celebrating Chinese New Year this year. So (my hubby) and I will be celebrating with our close friends in London.

Here are some photos that I took this week in London’s China Town.

China Town has again been beautifully decorated, with its traditional red lanterns, adorned with blessings. The area was completely packed: so many people stocking up on food and decorations ahead of the New Year celebrations. There are many events in London across the Chinese New Year period especially at China Town and Trafalgar Square. The main celebration will be on 29th Jan at Trafalgar Square. If you live or happen to be in London and want to soak up the ambience and be a part of the party (and of course the Dragon dance), check this out.
As well as food and family, music is a fundamental part of the New Year party. I love all the traditional songs, and so I have found a couple of my favourite timeless classics to share with you. They were written back in 1940s, but are still sung every year, and many cover versions have been created! I have found some original versions for you which are great (mind you… I am not that old though…)!

Ok, got to go now... I need to clean my house too so I can prepare and welcome the New Year :)

Until then, Luphia Boutique would like to wish every one of you a blessed and prosperous Dragon New Year 2012!

Dragon Glasses 2012 (photo credit)


See you soon guys!!

Love & Blessed wishes,

MeeKee xxx


Hope you enjoy the songs too! 1st song 恭喜!恭喜!(Wishing you Joy!) & 2nd song 春风吻上我的脸 (The Wind of Spring has kissed my face ^ ^)

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