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来自星星的他 ~ 金秀賢

If you have watched the latest very popular K-drama "My love is from another star", you probably would have a little crush on Do Min Joon already. Do Min Joon is cool in appearance but warm inside plus his super power to protect his love one have fascinated many girls' heart. In real life, Kim Soo Hyun who played Do Min Joon started his acting life since high school. His acting skill is undoubtedly great and we look forward to having more good dramas from him.

We have collected some new photos from Kim Soo Hyun's latest photo shoots. He suits well in either formal or casual wear. Which photo you like the most?

photos source: Sina 

We also love his recent commercial MV for Beanpole wind breaker with Suzy. Hope you enjoy it too!

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Hello Beautiful!!

Its that time of year again, the atmosphere is so great that you could even taste the air.... yes! It's Christmas time! Have you sorted out your gifts to your loves one yet? Luphia has many beautiful, girly, cute and lovely yet affordable clothing and accessories for you to choose from. Things that you probably don't find in the high street. So why waiting?

Today we would just like you to take a closer look on this lovely genuine leather wallet "With Love" by Disaster Designs collection. This collection theme "With Love" is so fantastic for this giving and receiving love season, and this wallet obviously is for someone beautiful :)

This beaituful 'With Love' Wallet from Disaster Designs featuring a vintage postcard image on dark brown leather with vintage stamps, lace and butterfly design. On the front of the wallet is the wording 'hello beautiful'. Take a closer look on the pictures below and you will fall in love with it! Gift it to your loves one or just treat yourself today, beautiful ^.^

Made from real leather and with internal compartments lined with vintage cotton with butterflies. There is plenty of storage for cards and a separate zipped section for coins. With Popper Fastening. It comes with a lovely presentation box! Size: 18cm x 9cm. High rated reviews from Amazon.

Luphia Price: GBP22.90 (RRP GBP27.00)

Luphia's motto? "Fashion is fun without spending a fortune!"

GORJUSS iPAD Sleeve ~ "Ruby", The Song" and "White Rabbit"

Hello everyone,

This is the time of the year again.... Christmas! It is only 33 days to go! I am so excited that we have received the new arrival in store today at Luphia, the GORJUSS iPad (or Tablet) Sleeve!! These iPad sleeves are the latest and possibly cutest addition to the hugely popular Gorjuss range. They are just super cute, aren't they?

The iPad sleeve is finished with a quality print on neoprene material which displays the Gorjuss artwork by artist Suzanne Woolcott. A perfect gift for Gorjuss-girls and music lovers alike!

Key Features:

# Apple iPad Tablet Sleeve

# Made from cushioning Neoprene

# Great accessory for your Tablet

# Suitable for Apple's iPad but may fit other tablet computers.

# Approx. size: 25cm x 19cm x 1cm There are three designs: 'Ruby', 'The Song' and 'White Rabbit'

# Great price at £16.00 (RRP £17.99)


~ RUBY ~






Hope you have found the perfect gift for your loves one or just a precious treat for yourself in this lovely and giving season :)

Much love,

MeeKee Kokoroni XX

12 March 2012: We Love Chiffon!

We Love Chiffon!

Every lady loves a bit of romance in their wardrobe and there is no fabric that says romance better than chiffon. Longer-term fans of Luphia Boutique will have already noticed – we love it!

Chiffon is lightweight, beautifully textured and drapes wonderfully: its sheer, flowy effects and the touch of chiffon alone are just great in-sync with your romantic mood.

So what is chiffon?

Chiffon actually comes from the French word for rag or cloth. As such, it’s no surprise that it can be made from silk, cotton or synthetic fabrics. Silk chiffon has the highest price tag as you might expect. Its natural fibres provide a rich shimmer and slick texture; it’s also surprisingly strong for its weight.

So it follows then that synthetic materials such as polyester are most commonly used to make chiffon for daily wear. Many synthetics also have the advantages that they take dye well, are delicate but quite sturdy and, compared to silk, relatively cheap to make. There are few downsides to chiffon, but the seamstresses among you will know its weight and texture make it tricky to work with, regardless of fabric type. And its delicate nature means it should be treated carefully – hand washed with cold water only (not in the washing machine please!).

Why we love chiffon?

One thing chiffon certainly is, is versatile, most often used in blouses, skirts and dresses as well as in scarves, belts, ribbons or accents. Given its sheer, smooth, lightweight, flowing nature, chiffon is naturally a major part of Korean fashion.

And it’s versatile in its application too: chiffon can be very casual (think of a chiffon blouse tucked into jeans or flowing over jeggings), office-friendly (maybe pair a chiffon pleated dress with a simple top/shirt and blazer) or dress it up for party time (a lace tops sit wonderfully well with a pleated chiffon skirt and pointed high heels). Relaxed or elegant, you style it! In formalwear such as wedding or evening gowns, chiffon usually works well as an overlayer to a more opaque fabric like satin. Its soft and light, smooth and sheer nature gives the dreamy and romantic feel where it floats on top of the gown. Hey girls, sky is the limit on how you wear chiffon!

As our motto at Luphia goes – fashion is fun without spending a fortune! We have chosen only the best synthetic chiffons, and one or two silk-based lines (hey, we have to spoil ourselves sometimes)!

Here are just some of the chiffon pieces currently available in our boutique:

1) Two Pockets Dotted Chiffon Blouse


2) Dotted Pleated Flowy Long Skirt


3) Spotty Dotty Chiffon Jacket


4) Kate's Elegant Lace with Pleated Chiffon Dress

Spring/summer season is almost upon us! So apart from our soft, pale and mono chiffon lines (still the bestsellers as they are very versatile in pairing with others), we are also injecting colours and prints to our collection to go with the seasons...we will also be stocking some flowery and dotted prints chiffon scarves very soon too, so watch this space!

Here’s a sneaky peek of what’s hitting the Luphia Boutique this week...

1) Vintage-inspired flower printed dress


2) Printed chiffon scarves (three colours available)


3) Sweet Dots chiffon blouse

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MeeKee Kokoroni xx

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